My own garden

Worthless Seeds

Nobody seemed to understand my fascination with road verges as remarkably resilient ecosystems.

Further garden thoughts

Tending a vision

The otherness of Japanese gardens has something to do with the way they are tended. 

Plants in passing


The crammed grid of houses in the middle of Kyoto left no space for gardens. But there were plants – in pots.

Plants in passing

Plants against walls

Before our trip to Japan I had not expected urban streets to hold particular horticultural interest.

the magnolia
Further garden thoughts

The magnolia

For the past seven years the magnolia has been our borrowed landscape, a generous gift from neighbours.

Gardens of note

Early morning at Ryoan-ji

It is very quiet. Nothing moves. The precision of this highly fragile arrangement is breathtaking.

my own garden
My own garden


With the added intrigue of the unexpectedly tall meadow, my garden seemed otherworldly.

seeds of lockdown
Further garden thoughts

Lockdown seeds

What exactly was happening during the first lockdown? People had started gardening.

People with plants

Thomas and his houseplants

“There must be some reason why we think a real flower is more positive than a plastic flower.”