BISWEILEN is a quiet observation of subtle details. It is my attempt to reveal what shapes the relationship between humans and plants. I focus on gardens as places at the intersection of nature and culture. The question that accompanies me is: Could gardens be testing grounds where we rethink our relationship with nature and with each other?

BISWEILEN emerged in 2019 after I had been exploring fragile, often overlooked aspects of the everyday with photographic and digital art projects. A long-running personal interest in plants and a desire to uncover its roots added to this.

As a digital artist and designer I felt it was important to further my horticultural and botanical knowledge and in 2022 took the UK gardener’s exam [RHS Level 2]. I live in London and Düsseldorf and garden in both places, privately but also at the Chelsea Physic Garden, London’s oldest botanical garden.

BISWEILEN is German for ‘at times’. With an air of elegant serenity, the word precedes the description of something special. This is the feeling I have when stepping into a garden.

Ulla Nolden

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