BISWEILEN is about the complex relationship between humans and plants.

I have always loved plants and gardens, but why?

I am an artist, writer and gardener. BISWEILEN is a project that evolved from my interest in plants and gardens as well as from my artistic practice. My previous work can be viewed at nolden.com.

While based in Düsseldorf I spend large parts of the year in London and on travels elsewhere. Wherever I go I visit gardens and meet gardeners. I created BISWEILEN to share my passion and portray the diverse group of people I get to know through it. I hope to better understand the role of plants for individual expression and happiness. 

Could gardens be testing sites for rethinking our relationship with nature and with each other?

For the title of this project I have chosen the German word ‘bisweilen’ meaning ‘at times’. With an air of elegant serenity, ‘bisweilen’ precedes the description of something special. This is the feeling I have when stepping into a garden.

Ulla Nolden